Friday, 19 March 2010

Is this the New TARDIS Interior?

Having spent the past few hours looking up everything Doctor-Whoish online (because it was the premier in Cardiff last night, and was the press release and everything) I came across the new trailer, with snippets of the new episodes. After watching the trailer a few times over, I noticed a shot of what looks like a TARDIS, so I took a screenshot of it, and here it is...

*drum roll*

The image quality isn't great, so sorry about that!

This may or may not be the Doctor's new TARDIS, but since there was the blue peter competition a while back where children were able to design a TARDIS console, it might happen to be another Time Lord (or Lady)'s TARDIS, note they were to design a console, not the console.

But ah well, I thought it was worth posting.

And yeah, Doctor Who in two weeks!! Not bad, eh?

Peace and Run amiigo,