Friday, 19 March 2010

Is this the New TARDIS Interior?

Having spent the past few hours looking up everything Doctor-Whoish online (because it was the premier in Cardiff last night, and was the press release and everything) I came across the new trailer, with snippets of the new episodes. After watching the trailer a few times over, I noticed a shot of what looks like a TARDIS, so I took a screenshot of it, and here it is...

*drum roll*

The image quality isn't great, so sorry about that!

This may or may not be the Doctor's new TARDIS, but since there was the blue peter competition a while back where children were able to design a TARDIS console, it might happen to be another Time Lord (or Lady)'s TARDIS, note they were to design a console, not the console.

But ah well, I thought it was worth posting.

And yeah, Doctor Who in two weeks!! Not bad, eh?

Peace and Run amiigo,


Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Visitor to Bannerman Road - Part 1 (Doctor Who fan fiction story)

After forming a rather strange alliance with the new girl in their class, and defeating an alien which Clyde described as a "rampaging, headless ostrich" who liked to travel through air vents in their school (something about the clean air being mixed up with the radiation that children expel while they imagine things, like new excuses for not doing homework and such like), Rani, Luke and Clyde dragged off the new girl to 13 Bannerman Road to properly explain herself. It wasn't everyday that a mathematical genius (and just generally a genius in all the aspects of school work) turned up at their school that had an uncanny knowledge of extra terrestrials. During her first day she'd managed to outsmart Luke in maths, correct their history teacher about the French Revolution, gone investigating a locked cupboard which then released the creature (which had gone running around the school causing chaos), talk to the alien and sent it somewhere in a blue van, which mysteriously turned up outside the school when she whistled.

"If you're wondering about the Coolavack, I've not harmed it in any way, its just that its secondary bracing spar has snapped, and he needed medical attention immediately" she told them as they walked along in silence.

Rani and Clyde glanced at each other while Luke looked at her curiously.

"We need someone to meet you... Sarah," Rani said carefully.

"Hmm? Who? And what exactly for?" Sarah asked her.

They didn't answer her.

"Well, seeing as you three seem to know about aliens, I guess someone has told you... a leader of some sort? Someone who guides you three on helping aliens... like Torchwood? No, Torchwood don't get involved with kids often... gets too messy, especially with what happened... so... someone who has experienced alien contact before and has decided to teach you lot to embrace the universe? And you're worried cause I know about aliens and did something with the Coolavack, and you're trying to decide whether I'm a threat or not," Sarah rambled on, smiling. "Its nice to see people who want to help aliens and not point a gun at them, but you've all grown suspicious of aliens, because of what you've seen, I'm right, aren't I?"

"Who on Earth are you?" Clyde asked, exasperated.

Sarah laughed loudly. And after a minute, Luke joined in.

"Hold on, am I missing something here? A joke... and I don't get it? But Lukey-boy here does?"

A smile crept over Rani's mouth as she realised what they were laughing about, while Clyde was still confused about what was so funny.

"Seriously, what is it?"

"Earth" Sarah explained. "Do think I'm from this planet?"

"Oh," Clyde gave out a small chuckle. "Wait, hold on, you're an alien then? What are you doing here?"

But they'd arrived at Bannerman road, a tall house overlooked them on the corner. Luke, Rani and Clyde walked up to the house and went inside, followed by Sarah. Luke called out for his mother.

"Oh, I've had a hectic day, bit of a problem with UNIT files but its all fixed now," Sarah Jane called out while walking down the stairs. She stopped at the bottom when she spotted four teenagers standing awkwardly in the hallway. "Oh, hello, Rani, Clyde..." Sarah Jane looked at Sarah. "Hello, I'm afraid we haven't met before, my name is Sarah Jane... pleased to meet you, erm?" she looked enquiringly at Luke.

"This is Sarah, Sarah Smith, Sarah Jane" Rani told her

"This is gonna get confusing" Clyde commented.

"Okay... and what exactly are you doing here?" Sarah Jane asked. "I'm not being rude, but I'm rather busy and don't have visitors over a lot"

"Its okay Sarah Jane... there was an incident at school today." Rani told her.

"And you found out, Sarah?" Sarah Jane asked her.

"Y'know, Sarah isn't my real name..."

"Well, what is it? Or rather, what would you like us to call you?" Sarah Jane asked patiently

"...I don't know. Its been a while since I've had a real name... call me Jill"

"Okay, Jill, well, you know now, about aliens?"

Jill shrugged. "I've always known"

"Mum... she's not from round here... she's... from another planet"

"I think its time we had a cup of tea then, don't you, Jill? And we can figure out how to get you back home, alright?" Sarah Jane softened, a young, lost being stranded on Earth.

Jill laughed. "This is my home. My planet was destroyed"

"I'm so sorry to hear that" Sarah Jane said.

"Its not like I knew it well... I was moved away from it years ago, we had to move."

"Why?" Rani asked, concerned.

"We were running away"

- End of Part One

Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Emptiness...

There comes a time where things seem to feel empty, like there's a gaping hole in your heart. It feels like this will stretch on forever, and the feeling of being whole again will never come around. Its times like these that I feel like crawling under the covers and never emerging until life is normal again. Its times like these that I know that it shouldn't swamp my life and just try to get on like normal. Its times like these where I normally end up searching online desperately for just a trace of my normal life...

Thats right, its the lack of Doctor Who. There are a couple of these times throughout the year, normally New Year, and Autumn time.

Last year, without a normal series of Doctor Who, there was a definite longing all from the end of spring to the end of Autumn, with only one episode in the first half, or indeed the first three-quarters of the year. At the end, we were all spoiled silly with three episodes in the space of two months, and utterly brilliant might I add.

But now, after the excitement of David Tennant's last episodes, nothing really seems to be happening anymore. There's some small hints of Series 5 filming, and a mention of Torchwood, but apart from that. Zilch. Zero.

Which pretty much sucks, seeing as Doctor Who is the BEST EVER!!!!

Talking about Doctor Who... how brilliant does Series 5 look? If you've not seen the trailer I suggest you watch it by clicking here.

Peace and Run amigo!


David Tennant and Matt Smith + the TARDIS

Sunday, 10 January 2010

How to Stop Neds Annoying You Online

Have you ever experienced Cyber Bullying? Or has someone attempted to annoy you online?

I guess I'm kinda lucky, I've never really experienced bad cyberbullying, despite spending a lot of my time online and texting people on my mobile. I always try to keep safe online and only talk to people I know on MSN and things, I sometimes chat to friends of friends, but if they end up being weird I just block them, and thats the end of it.

But, being a teenager, I've had to deal with some neds online. If you don't know what a ned is, its not someone called Ned, its a Scottish (/irish maybe, I dunno) slang term for a Chav.

ned: noun Scottish slang term for a Chav

If you don't know what a chav is... well, I just recommend googling it, I'll describe them briefly. They are a kinda sub-culture or label for people, normally teenagers, who wander round being stupid on purpose, wear tracksuits, have giant hoop earrings and yell abuse at people in the street.

Recently on MSN, I've been chatting to some of these neds on MSN (they didn't used to be, but they turned into them when they hit the preteen/teen stage) and they decided it would be fun to try and wind me up. So they began writing lots of swearwords and insults at me, calling me a geek/nerd/loner, which I took gracefully (seeing as Nerdfighters RULE ALL!!!!). I found it quite entertaining that these young 12 year olds thought they were being clever and grown up by swearing at someone and trying to belittle them.

I never got wound up by the things they said, and merely laughed at them. They kept on trying to talk about things they didn't understand properly, and which I understood, which made it even funnier. Since they were attempting to really hurt me, I would wind them up by being very polite, asking them if they would like to know about Nerdfighters, correcting their grammar and spelling and calling them neds (which, when they denied it, included me saying "there's no reason to be scared of who you are").

But I found out a way to stop these neds annoying you. I told one today that all the conversations we had had were being recorded, and how I could go to the police and complain about harassment. She replied that "it was all a joke". I told her I wasn't going to go to the police. She thanked me. And then I said "well, I might if I have a really bad day and you start annoying me". She then blocked me.

I was actually quite disappointed. I thought that she would be a proper ned and be proud of her achievement. It turned out she was only a wannabe-ned, and couldn't take a minor threat.

I haven't called the police, and don't really intend to.

This may not work on all neds out there annoying you online, but it might! Worth a go if you want them to stop them annoying you, and if they don't stop, call the police if they actually have been using abusive language.

Peace and Run!


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Modern Superstitions, Teeth and Television

Have you ever gotten annoyed at an older relative/friend or just someone for being superstitous? Its a bit odd, "knock wood" and "don't walk under a ladder" isn't it? But are you part of modern day Superstitions?

Have you ever received a chainmail e-mail? Probably... most people who have an e-mail address have. And did you pass it on when it had a threatening message at the end? Well, my friend... that is being Supersticous! Yes, you might have known that, but a lot of people don't realise! Wearing lucky things is also superticous but that has dated back a long time ago...

So, if you are ever annoyed at old superstitions, remember, chainmail is as well!

Okay, well, teeth. Why do people never say that they are just bones. It is always "Bones and Teeth" THEY'RE THE SAME! Okay, sorry about that I just had to mention that.

And another question... why do people talk about "Lazy kids whop never do anything but watch tv" and are referring to teenagers? Studies show that the age between 13 and 17 is the age group who watch the least television... who that sort of talk makes no sense. Yes, some do watch television all the time, but not all teenagers do!

Sorry, just some things on my mind....

Peace and Run.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Smithy will Rock the Whoniverse with his bow-tie!

At the moment I have found myself absolutely, utterly ocessed with Doctor Who. Yes, "ocessed".

Ocessed because so many people consider themselves, "obsessed" and "ocessed" is past obsession. Far past it. If you were standing in Cardiff in Wales outside Torchwood 3, then I would be standing in several parallel universes away in Australia. Okay, I looked up ocessed on the internet and it says something to do with sugar, but basically, ocessed as I mean it means "Past obsession". Because "octillion" is a big number, right?

Ocession: noun. (ocessed, ocessionised) def. Past a normal obsession.

So... the big news is:

Doctor Who series 5 filming has now begun

Yes, series 5 filming has begun, the Doctor's new outfit has been revealed and so has his new companion's name... so look away now if you don't want to know anything about the doctor's outfit or the new companions name...

So, the companion will be called Amy Pond. And she will have a "laid back" look and the details about her family and how she meets the Doctor are unknown by the public. The BBC has been updating their website with some new photos and the Outfit Gallery of all the past doctor's outfits.

So that is Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on the first day of filming. And I don't really have very much to say.

Peace and Run!

Saturday, 27 June 2009


The summer term at school always seems the longest. Probably because it is the longest term but also because it is the massive wait until the bliss of the summer holidays! Ah, six weeks of doing nothing at all or everything you can't do when you are cooped up in school all week. Just a chance to relax and catch up on your favourite television program or listen to the radio.

Today is the first day of the holidays for me, and I am bored out of my mind.

I woke up at 7:00am because I forgot to switch off my alarm clock last night so I could lie in... and I haven't been able to go back to sleep. I have been up for 5 hours with nothing to occupy me. It is boring.

I should be relaxing! And I can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is very frustrating. Then Mum woke up and came through to say, "Morning" and I told her I was bored.

She said, "Tidy your room then"

And I have to tidy my room now. This hasn't been a good start to the summer.