Sunday, 17 January 2010

The Emptiness...

There comes a time where things seem to feel empty, like there's a gaping hole in your heart. It feels like this will stretch on forever, and the feeling of being whole again will never come around. Its times like these that I feel like crawling under the covers and never emerging until life is normal again. Its times like these that I know that it shouldn't swamp my life and just try to get on like normal. Its times like these where I normally end up searching online desperately for just a trace of my normal life...

Thats right, its the lack of Doctor Who. There are a couple of these times throughout the year, normally New Year, and Autumn time.

Last year, without a normal series of Doctor Who, there was a definite longing all from the end of spring to the end of Autumn, with only one episode in the first half, or indeed the first three-quarters of the year. At the end, we were all spoiled silly with three episodes in the space of two months, and utterly brilliant might I add.

But now, after the excitement of David Tennant's last episodes, nothing really seems to be happening anymore. There's some small hints of Series 5 filming, and a mention of Torchwood, but apart from that. Zilch. Zero.

Which pretty much sucks, seeing as Doctor Who is the BEST EVER!!!!

Talking about Doctor Who... how brilliant does Series 5 look? If you've not seen the trailer I suggest you watch it by clicking here.

Peace and Run amigo!


David Tennant and Matt Smith + the TARDIS

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  1. series 5 looks set to be amazing :D