Monday, 15 June 2009

"What is this, 'Converse' you are talking about?"

"Converse?" you ask.

And my jaw drops!

Converse is a company that makes shoes, but when people say that they have converse they are talking about a pair of shoes they own made by C
onverse. These are normally Baseball Boots.

They are in fact Chuck Taylor's All Stars and are produced by the company Converse, they can be referred to as, "Chuck's", "Chuck T's", "Baseball Boots", "Cons", "Converse", "All Stars" and so on. They are the most successful shoes ever created and have had immense popularity over the years (though addmittedly with some downs). The first pair that were produced were produced in 1917 making them a very old, but classic design.

They are made from Canvas and rubber. People tend to comment on how comfy they are and the nice variety of colours.

I love Converse myself and have never tried on a more comfy shoe. They just tend to rock!

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