Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Smithy will Rock the Whoniverse with his bow-tie!

At the moment I have found myself absolutely, utterly ocessed with Doctor Who. Yes, "ocessed".

Ocessed because so many people consider themselves, "obsessed" and "ocessed" is past obsession. Far past it. If you were standing in Cardiff in Wales outside Torchwood 3, then I would be standing in several parallel universes away in Australia. Okay, I looked up ocessed on the internet and it says something to do with sugar, but basically, ocessed as I mean it means "Past obsession". Because "octillion" is a big number, right?

Ocession: noun. (ocessed, ocessionised) def. Past a normal obsession.

So... the big news is:

Doctor Who series 5 filming has now begun

Yes, series 5 filming has begun, the Doctor's new outfit has been revealed and so has his new companion's name... so look away now if you don't want to know anything about the doctor's outfit or the new companions name...

So, the companion will be called Amy Pond. And she will have a "laid back" look and the details about her family and how she meets the Doctor are unknown by the public. The BBC has been updating their website with some new photos and the Outfit Gallery of all the past doctor's outfits.

So that is Matt Smith and Karen Gillan on the first day of filming. And I don't really have very much to say.

Peace and Run!

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