Thursday, 18 June 2009

The End of the World

Don't you just feel that sometimes, people just want the world to die? There are so many things that people keep on saying will end up killing us all like some machines that could open a black hole, or some sort of food poisoning. Apparently the year we all have to watch out for is 2012.

Yes, there are a GIANT number of things that will kill us in 2012. Seriously. People are getting a bit worked up about some of the stuff:

  • Bird flu will end up killing the human race
  • Swine flu will have killed the last human being
  • An ancient calender that hasn't been used in a couple of thousand years ENDS in 2012, so it must be the apocolypse
  • It will be the apocolypse
  • Planet X will have hit the Earth, killing all life
  • Aliens are going to invade and enslave all being, we will be fed once a month and be constantly in chains and have to bow down to our new masters
  • Nuclear weapons will destroy the Earth
  • Another race of aliens will come and declare war on us, making us have to fight for survival in the universe
  • The internet will become awful and many will commit suicide because it has lost its potential
  • Yellowstone volcano will erupt, killing the world by suffocation

Honestly! I mean, some of these things don't even make sense
! And if all these things happen, I am going to laugh, because they all contradict each other, except one or two.

Well, a little warning! Apparently the end is in 2012... you have been warned.

Well, thats all I have to say right now!

Peace and Run!

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